Bachelor of Physiotherapy - B.P.T.H

What is BPTH - Bachelor of Physiotherapy?

Stream Physiotherapy
Duration 4 years
Course Type under-Graduation

BPTH - Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a 4-year undergraduate course. It is also known by the name of physical therapy. Its deal in the cure, prevention and rehabilitation of the physically challenged and disabled people. It uses physical therapy, massages, physical movements and exercise to improve and cure injuries, deformities and diseases. This allied health profession helps in assisting people to maintain, increase or reinstate their physical strength, function and mobility. This science makes use of evidence-based kinesiology, electrotherapy, shockwave mobility and exercise prescription to treat chronic conditions of the soft tissues and bones. Above all, post completing (BPTH), one can further pursue Masters in Physiotherapy (MPT), a PG course which will make the students to develop outstanding skills in clinical areas.

Eligibility criteria for BPTH - Bachelor of Physiotherapy

BPTH - Bachelor of Physiotherapy can be pursued after completion of class 12 in the Science stream from a recognized educational board. The candidate should have pursued the Science stream with Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as their main subjects. No Minimum score or 50 percent is required, only equivalent at 10+2 level is compulsory for admission. Some universities in India conduct an entrance test for admitting students for the BPTH course. Some of these entrance examinations are AIIMS &JIPMER, CET all India entrance test, Guru Govind Indraprastha University Physiotherapy entrance exam, etc. Candidates aiming to pursue MPT course need to be qualified in BPTH from a well-known university with a minimum aggregate score of 50 percent.

BPTH - Bachelor of Physiotherapy Syllabus

Course Curriculum

The curriculum for BPTH is mentioned below:

Semester I Anatomy
  Basic Nursing
Semester II Biomechanics
  Orientation to physiotherapy
Semester III Pathology
  First Aid and CPR
  Constitution of India
Semester IV Exercise Therapy
  Research Methodology and Biostatics
  Introduction to treatment
  Clinical observation posting
Semester V General Medicine
  General Surgery
  Orthopedics and Traumatology
Semester VI Orthopedics and Sports Physiotherapy
  Supervised Rotatory clinical training
  Allied Therapies
Semester VII Neurology and neurosurgery
  Community medicine
  Neuro- Physiology
  Community-based Rehabilitation
Semester VIII Supervised Rotatory clinical training
  Ethics, Administration and Supervision
  Evidence-based physiotherapy and practice

 Diploma in BPTH - Bachelor of Physiotherapy: Syllabus and Course Description

Year I Year II Year III
General Anatomy Electrotherapy Surgery
General Physiology Psychology Orthopedics
Pathology Computer Training Physiotherapy in Medical Conditions
Pharmacology Medicine Physiotherapy in Surgical Conditions
Exercise Therapy Gynecology Rehabilitation
- - Biomechanics & Kinesiology

MPT Syllabus

MPT Syllabus - Year I
Physiotherapy Practice & Education Technology
Research Methodology & Bio-Statistics
Applied Biomechanics and Kinesiology
Exercise Physiology, Health & fitness.
Advanced Electrotherapy
Electrophysiology and Electro Diagnosis
Advanced Manual Therapy
  MPT Syllabus - Year II
Clinical training /Laboratory work
Clinical posting
Scientific enquiry

List of colleges having BPTH - Bachelor of Physiotherapy Course in India.

ANDHRA PRADESH :- ( Govt. Colleges are Nil, only private institutions )
1.  College of Physiotherapy, S.V.Inst. of Med. Sc. Tirupati. Approved : 2004-’19.
2. Swatantra Inst. of Physiotherapy. Rajmundri.  Approved :2003-’05-’12-2017.
3. SIMS. College of Physiotherapy. Guntur, Approved: 2003-05-’10-2015.
4. P.R.R.M. College of Physiotherapy.Cuddapah. Approved: 2006-’10.
5. Kasturi College of Physiotherapy. Anantpur. Approved: 2015-’17-2021.
6. S.R.E.T. College of Physiotherapy.Vijayanagaram. Approved: 2012-’14.
7. VenkataPadmavati College of Physiotherapy.Chandragiri. Approved: 2015-’19.
8. Kakatiya College of Physiotherapy, Warrangle. Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’12-16.
9.Montessori College of Physiotherapy. Vijaywada. Approved: 2014-’16.
10. Visaka College of Physiotherapy. Visakapatnam. Approved: 2004-’06-11.
11. Tirumala College of Physiotherapy. Nijamabad. Approved: 2017-’19.
12. Konaseema Inst. of Med. Sc. Amalapuram. Approved : 2017-’19.
13. LakshmiVenkatesh College of Physiotherapy. Karnool. Approved:2016-’18.
14.  A.V.M. College of Physiotherapy. Kadapa.  Approved:  2013-2015.
ASSAM :- ( Govt. Colleges are Nil, Private Colleges only)
1.College of Physiotherapy & Medical Scs., Guwahati. Approved: 2008-10-’15-’18-2022.
2. Down Town College of Physiotherapy& Medical Scs. Approved: 2010-’12.-’16-2020.
Govt. College.
Bihar College of Physiotherapy, Medical College Campus, ViklangVaban, Patna.
Private Colleges are:-
1. I.I.H.S., Health Inst. Rd. Beur. Patna. Approved: 2003-’04-’08-’13-’18.
2. Dept. of Physiotherapy,MagadhUniversity.Bodh Gaya. Approved: 2012-’14-’18-2022.
CHATISGARH - ( Only Pvt. College)
1. Apollo College of Physiotherapy.Durg. (Pt. RavisankarUni) Approved: 2006-15.
2. Physiotherapy College of Raipur. Approved 2002-’03.  2006-’08-’11.
Govt. Colleges are:-
1. School of Physiotherapy, I.P.H. New Delhi.
2. Dept. of Physiotherapy. Delhi Inst. of Rural Development. Delhi.
Pvt. Colleges are:-
1. Amarjyoti College of Physiotherapy. Vikash Marg.  Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’14.
2. Amity Physiotherapy College.Okhlacentre, Approved: 2008-’10-’15.
3.Dept. of Physiotherapy, JamiaHumdard University.
Govt College: School of Physiotherapy, S.S.G. Hospital. Vadodara.
School of Physiotherapy, Paraplegia Hospital, GOVT.Asarva, Ahmedabad.
Pvt. Colleges are:-
1. S B B. College of Physiotherapy, Ahmedabad. Approved: 2010-’15.
2.College of Physiotherapy, Ahmedabad Inst. of Med. Scs. Ahmedabad. Approved: 2008-’10-‘15
3. J.G. College of Physiotherapy.Ahmedabad. Approved: 2009-’11-’14-18.
4. Ahmedabad College of Physiotherapy.Ghuma, Ahmedabad. Approved: 2013-‘16’
5. C. M. Patel College of Physiotherapy, Gandhinagar. Approved: 2015-16-2019.
6. ShreeSwaminarayan College of Physiotherapy.Ranip, Approved: 2015-’17.
7. Smt. S.R.Shah college of Physiotherapy.Mehsana. Approved: 2016-18.
8. Smt. S.G.Patel Inst. of Physiotherapy. Anand. Approved: 2015-’16-‘2017.
9. Shree B.G.D. Patel College of Physiotherapy.Anand. Approved: 2001-’05- ’09-’13-2018.
10. Vinayaka Inst. of Physiotherapy. Bakrol, Anand. Approved: 2015-’17-2021.
11. C.U.Shah College of Physiotherapy.Surendra Nagar. Approved: 2010-’15-2018.
12. R.K.College of Physiotherapy. Rajkot.  Approved: 2009-’11-’17-2020.
13. Shree K K Seth College of Physiotherapy. Rajkot. Approved: 2013-’17.
14. College of Physiotherapy. S.G.M.E. Trust, Surat. Approved: 2010-’15.
15. Vidhya Deep Inst. of Physiotherapy. Olpad, Surat. Approved: 2017-’18-2019.
16. Pioneer College of Physiotherapy.Vadodara. Approved: 2012-’16-2020.
17. Parul Inst. of Physiotherapy. Vadodara. Approved: 2013-2016.
18. Neotech Inst. of Physiotherapy. Godhra. Approved: 2016-’17-2018.
19. ShreeGhantakaranMahavir Physiotherapy College.Godhra. Approved: 2009-’14-17.
20. BITS Inst. of Physiotherapy. Vadodara. Approved: 2014-’15-’16-2021.
21. ShreeSahajanabad Inst. of Physiotherapy.Bhavnagar. Approved: 2015-’16-’17.
22. Chitrini College of Physiotherapy. Sabarkantha.Prantij. Approved: 2017-’18-’19.
23. ShreeShuleshwari College of Physiotherapy.Bhandu. Approved:2015-’16-’17.
24.K.J.Pandya College of Physiotherapy.Piparia ,Vadodara. Approved: 2008-2013.
25. S K K. College of Physiotherapy, Rajkot.  Approved: 2007-’12.
26. College of Physiotherapy. CharotorUniversity.Nadiad. Approved: 2015-’18.
27. Dept. of Physiotherapy. SumandeepUniversity.Vadodara. Approved: 2015-2019.
28. Ashok and Rita Institute of Physiotherapy. Ahmedabad. Approved: 2013-2017.
Govt. College:
1. Dept. of Physiotherapy, Guru Jambeshwar University. Hissar.
Pvt. Colleges are:-
1. Gaur Brahman Ayurvedic& Physiotherapy College.Rohtak. Approved: 2006-’10.
2. Prem Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre.Panipat. Approved: 2008-’10-’13-’18.
3.R.P. Indraprastha Inst. of Med. Scs. Gharaund. Karnal. Approved. 2015-’17.
4. Dept. of Health Scs, Faridabad Inst of Tech. Sec-43, Approved: 2007-’09-’11.
5. JCD college of Physiotherapy.Barnala Rd. Sirsa. Approved: 2008-’10.
6. Faculty of Physiotherapy, Shree G.G.S.T. University.Gurugram. Approved: 2016-’17-’18.
7. School of Allied Health Sciences. M.V.N.University.Aurangabad.  Palwal. Approved: 2018-20.
( Private colleges only)
1. College of Physiotherapy. I.E.C. University. . Solan. Approved: 2015-17
2. College of Physiotherapy, Abhilasha University. Mandi. Approved: 2016-’18.
1. Jammu College of Physiotherapy.BantalabRd. Approved: 2007-’11-’16-’18.
Dept. of Physiotherapy, Bangalore Medical College.
Private Colleges-
1. Alva’s College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore.  Approved: 2006-’11-16-’20.
2. Acharya College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2001-’03-08-’13-’17-2022.
3. Dept. of Physiotherapy, M.S,Ramiah Med. College. Approved: 1998-‘2000-’05-’10-’15.
4. Florence College of Physiotherapy.Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’14-’19.
5. Garden City College of Physiotherapy.Bangalore. Approved: 2000-’02-’07-’12-’15-’19.
6. Goutam College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-’08-’12-’15-’19.
7. Hosmat College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved:2004-’06-’11-’16.
8. Infant Jesus College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-’09.
9. Krupanidhi College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2001-’03-’07-’12.
10. Kempegowda College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-07-’12-’17-2021.
11. Oxford College of Physiotherapy.Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-’08-’13-’18-2021.
14.KTG.Inst. of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-09-’12-’15-2020.
15. DayanandSagar College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2007-’09.
16. City College of Physiotherapy.Pound Garden. Approved: 1999-’01-’06-’10-’14-’17-2021.
17.Harsha Inst. of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2017-’19.
18. Rosy Royal International College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore.  Approved: 2017-’19.
19. KLEU.Inst. ofPhysiotherapy.JNMC Campus, Belgaun. Approved: 1998-‘2000-15-’20.
20.KanachurCollege of Physiotherapy. Mangalore..Approved: 2016-’18-2023.
21.JSS. College of Physiotherapy. Mysore. Approved: 2015-2019.
22. Dept. of Physiotherapy,MAHE. Manipal. Approved: 1996-’98-’05-’15-2020.
23. Navodaya College of Physiotherapy. Raichur. Approved: 2000-’02-’07-’12-’17- 2022.
24. SDM. College of Physiotherapy.Dharwad. Approved: 1999-’01-’06-’10-2015.
25.Sreedevi College of Physiotherapy. Tumkur. Approved: 2001-’03-06-2010. Fresh 2018-2020.
26. Shreedevi College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore. Approved: 1998-’00-11-’14-’19.
27. College of Physiotherapy, University Medical College. Mangalore. Approved: 1999-’06-’11.
28. Inst. of Health Scs, M.V.Shetty College. Mangalore. Approved: 1994-’96-’02-’06-’09.
29. Karnataka College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-2008.
30. Laxmi College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore. Approved: 1994-’96-’06-’10-’15-2020.
31. NITTE College of Physiotherapy.Mangalore. Approved: 1999-’01-04-2022.
32. K. Pandurajah College of Physiotherapy.Mangalore. Approved: 1999-’01-’06-2011.
33. Vikas College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore. Approved:1997-’99-2009, Started on 2017-’19.
34. YENEPOYA Physiotherapy College.Mangalore. Approved: 2004-’06-’10-’14.
35. Vijaylakshmi Inst. of Physiotherapy.Mangalore. Approved:2008-’10.
36.Dept. of Physiotherapy, Father Mullar Med College. Mangalore. Approved: 2009-’11.
37.Dept. of Physiotherapy, Kasturba Med. College. Mangalore. Approved: 2006-’11-’16-2021.
38. Srinivas College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore. Approved: 1999-’01-’05-’10-’15-2020.
39. Josco Inst. of Physiotherapy. Neelamangala. Bangalore. Approved: 2019-2021.
40.Srinivas School of Physiotherapy, Srinivas University, Mangalore. Approved: 2018-2020.
41. Christian college of physiotherapy. Ranjana layout. Bangalore. Approved: 2019-2021.
42. Tejasvini Physiotherapy College.Kudupa, Mangalore. Approved: 2018-2020.
Kerala(all are Private Colleges):-
1. Dept. of Physiotherapy. SME.RegionalCentre.Ernakulam,Kochi. Approved: 2008-’10.
2.Co-Operative Inst. of Health Sciences. Nettur, Thalassery. Approved: 2008-’10-’13-’17-’22.
3. A.W.H. Calicut University. Approved: 2010-’12.
4. J.D.T. Islam College of Physiotherapy. Calicut. Approved: 2011-’13.
Madhya Pradesh:- Pvt. Colleges only.
1. Dept. of Physiotherapy, Rajiv Gandhi College. Bhopal.  Approved: 2003-’05-10-’15-’20.
2.Ayushman College of Physiotherapy. Bhopal. Approved: 2006-’08-’11-’16.
3. Career College of Physiotherapy. Bhopal. Approved: 2003-’05-’10-2013.
4. Inst. of Medical Sciences, BHRC Parisar, Indore. Approved: 2000-’02-’07-’12.
5.B.I.M.R.College of Physiotherapy., Gowalior. Approved: 2008-’10-’13-2018.
Govt. Colleges are
1. School of Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Centre, K.E.M. Hospital .Mumbai.
2. School of Physiotherapy, Nair Hospital, Byculla, Mumbai.
3. PhysicaL Therapy Teaching & Treatment Centre. LTMG Hospital ,Sion, Mumbai.
4. Physiotherapy School &Centre.Govt. Medical College. Nagpur.
Private Colleges are:-
1.K.J.Somaiya College of Physiotherapy. Sion, Mumbai.  Approved: 2009-’14.
2. DPO’s NETT College of Physiotherapy. Thane (W), Mumbai. Approved: 2010-’15.
3.Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy. Navi Mumbai. Approved : 2002-’04-’09-’14.
4.Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Physiotherapy. Pimpri.Pune. Approved:2010-’15-2020.
5.Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Physiotherapy. Kohlapur. Approved: 2006-’08.
6.M.A. Rangoonwala College of Physiotherapy. Pune. Approved: 2007-’11.
7.Terna College of Physiotherapy. Sec-22, Nerul. Approved: 2008-’10.
8. DES College of Physiotherapy.,Shivaji Nagar, Pune. Approved: 2009-’11.
9. UllasPatil College of Physiotherapy.,Jalgaon. Approved: 2009-’11.
10,N.D.M.V.P.’s Samaj College of Physiotherapy.Adgaon, Nasik. Approved: 2008-’10.
11. Padmshree College of Physiotherapy.,Ahmednagar. Approved: 2010-’12-’17.
12. Pravara College of Physiotherapy. Loni, Ahmednagar. Approved: 2007-’11.
13. Sancheti College of Physiotherapy. Pune. Approved: 2010-’15.
14. Ravi Nair College of Physiotherapy.Wardh. Approved: 2003-’08.
15. V.P.S.M’s College of Physiotherapy. Nagpur. Approved: 2008-’13-’18.
16. College of Physiotherapy, Chaitanya Med. Foundation.Nigdi,Pune. Approved: 2000--‘10-‘15
17. M.G.M. College of Physiotherapy. Aurangabad. Approved: 2015-’16-’17.
18. LokmanyaTilak College of Physiotherapy.Nigdi, Pune. Approved: 2016-’17-‘18’-2019.
School of Physiotherapy, N.I.T.A.R. ,Olatpur, Cuttack.
Private Colleges:-
1. Chakradhara Inst. of Rehabilitation Sc.  Bhuvaneswar. Approved: 2011-’13-’17.
2. Neelachal Inst. of Medical Sciences. Bhuvaneswar. Approved: 2016-’17-’18.
College of Physiotherapy., P.G.I Chandigarh.
Dept. of Physiotherapy, Guru Nanak Dev University. Amritsar.
Dept. of Physiotherapy, Punjabi University. Patiala.
Private Colleges are:-,
1.Adhes College of Physiotherapy. Muktasar. Approved: 2010-’13-2018.
2. All Saint’s College of Physiotherapy. Ludhiana. Approved: 2004-’06-’10-‘2014.
3. Lyallpur Khalsa College of Physiotherapy.Jalandhar. Approved: 2002-’04-’09-14-’19.
4. M.M. Inst. of Physiotherapy & Rehab. Ambala. Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’11-’15-2019.
5.GianSagarCollege of Physiotherapy. Bannur, Patiala. Approved: 2008-’10-’15-2020.
6. DAV Inst. of Physiotherapy & Rehab. Jalandhar. Approved: 2007-’09-2013.
7. College of Physiotherapy, Adhesh Inst. of Med. Sc. Approved: 2008-’10-2015.
8. College of Physiotherapy, Lovely University. Jalandhar City. Approved: 2011-2016.
9. Khalsa College of Physiotherapy, Amritsar. Approved: 2015-’16-’17-2022.
10. Dept. of Physiotherapy., Chikara Institute of Health Sciences. Patiala. Approved: 2018-2020.
Only Private Colleges are:-
1. Jaipur Physiotherapy College & Hospital, M.V.Global, University. Approved: 2012-’14-’17-’21.
2. M,G. Physiotherapy College, Sitapur-Tonk Rd, Jaipur. Approved: 2014-’16-2020.
3. College of Physiotherapy, Jaipur Hosp. Campus, ManasSarovar, Approved: 2009-’11.
4. Jaipur Hospital College of Physiotherapy, ShipraPath.Jaipur, Approved: 2015-’17.
5. Brainwave College of Physiotherapy.Sitapura.Jaipur. Approved: 2008-’10. Fresh 2019-2020.
6. College of Physiotherapy, J.Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udaipur.  Approved: 2016-’21.
7. Udaipur Inst. of Physiotherapy, HiranMagri, Udaipur. Approved:2012-’16-’20.
8. U S B. College of Physiotherapy. Mehasana-Abu Rd. Approved: 2008-’10-’13.
9. Sri V.S.B. College of Physiotherapy. Abu Rd, Sirohi. Approved: 2015-’18.
10. College of Physiotherapy, Madhav University. Abu Rd. Sirohi. Approved: 2017-’18-’19.
11. Pacific College of Physiotherapy.Pratapura.Udaipur. Approved: 2017-’18-’19.
12. ShreeBalaji Physiotherapy College.JaiSamand Rd. Udaipur. Approved: 2008-’10.
13.Udaipur Inst. of Physiotherapy. Umarda Rd. Udaipur. Approved:2012-’16-’19.
14.MaaGayatri College of Physiotherapy, Pratap Nagar, Udaipur. Approved: 2008-’10.
15. Faculty of Medical Sc. Sikar Rd, Ajmer.     Approved: 2012-’14-2017.
16. Jodhpur Physiotherapy College.Natioanal University Campus.Approved: 2014-2016.
17. Geethanjali college of physiotherapy. Udaipur. Approved: 2017-2019.
18. Sri Ganganagar College of physiotherapy.Hanumangarh Rd. Approved: 2019-2021.
19. U.E.M. School of Physiotherapy.Sikar Rd. Jaipur. Approved: 2018-2020.
1.SikkimManipal College of Physiotherapy. S.M.I.M.S. Campus.Gangtok. Approved: 2011-’16.
Tripura(only  private College)
1.Tripura Inst. of Paramedical Sciences. Agartala. Approved: 2012-’14-2018.
1. Govt. College of Physiotherapy.Tiruchipally.
2. School of Physiotherapy, Govt. General Hospital. Chennai.
3. School of Physiotherapy. CMC. Vellore.
Private Colleges are:
1. Adiparakshati College of Physiotherapy. Chennai.Approved: 1998-’00-’05-’09-2014.
2. AMS College of Physiotherapy.Chennai.  Approved: 2002-’04-’09-2014.
3. B.S. College of Physiotherapy.Chennai. Approved: 1998-’00-05-’09-2011.
4. Meenakshi College of Physiotherapy. Chennai. Approved: 1999-’01-’06-2010.
5. Saveeta College of Physiotherapy. Chennai. Approved: 1999-’01-’06-2010.
6. S R M. College of Physiotherapy. Chennai. Approved: 1998-’05-2010.
7. College of Physiotherapy. Sri Ramachandra Medical College.Chennai.Approved: 1998-2015.
8. Vels College of Physiotherapy.P.V. Vaithalingam  Chennai. Approved: 1996-’98-’00-’05-2010.
9.Vels R.S. College of Physiotherapy. AvadiAlamati Rd. Chennai. Approved: 2003-’05-2010.
10. Mohammad Sattak A.J. College of Physiotherapy.Chennai. Approved: 2009-2011.
11. Cherran’s College of Physiotherapy. Coimbatore. Approved: 1999-’01-’04-2007.
12.R.V.S. College of Physiotherapy. Coimbatore. Approved: 1998-’00-’04-’09-’14-2019.
13. K.G.College of Physiotherapy. Coimbatore.  Approved: 1998-’04-2009.
14. Padmavati College of Physiotherapy. Dharmapuri. Approved: 2000-’02; Gap. 2008-’10.
15. J.K.K.Munirajah College of Physiotherapy.Namakkal Approved: 1998-’00-’09-2012.
16. ArupadaiVeedu College of Physiotherapy.Ponycherry. Approved: 2017-’19.
17. Christian College of Physiotherapy.Colachel, Kanyakumari. Approved: 2018-2020.
18. S.R.M. College of Physiotherapy.Kancheepuram. Approved: 2017-2021.
19. Vinayaka Mission College of Physiotherapy.Salem. Approved: 1996-’98-’05--’09-’14- 2019.
20. Shanmuga College of Physiotherapy. Salem. Approved: 2006-2008.
21. Vivekananda Inst. of Med. Sc. Thiruchengodu. Approved: 1998-2000-’05-2010.
22. Nandha College of Physiotherapy. Erode.  Approved: 2006-’08-2011.
23. Santosh College of physiotherapy.Thirunagar, Madurai. Approved: 2018-2020.
Telengana:-( Only Private Colleges)
1. Apollo College of Physiotherapy.Hyderabad. Approved: 2004-’06-’11-’16-’20.
2. DurgabaiDeshmukh College of Physiotherapy. Hyderabad. Approved: 2006-’08-2011.
3. Modern College of Physical Med. & Rehab. Hyderabad. Approved: 2004-’06-2010.
4.Sushruta Inst. of Physical Med. & Rehab. Hyderabad. Approved: 2003-’05-’10-2015.
5. K.I.M.S. College of Physiotherapy.Seccunderabad. Approved: 2013-’15-’19-2022.
6.ShreeRatna College of Physiotherapy. Uppal, Hyderabad. Approved: 2017-’19.
7. Yashoda College of Physiotherapy. Medchal, Malkajgiri. Approved: 2018-‘2020.
Uttar Pradesh:- (Only Private Colleges).
1 Dept. of Physiotherapy, Integral University.Lucknow. Approved: 2008-’12-2017.
2. I.I.M.T. College of Physiotherapy, Meerut. Approved: 2012-2014.
3. College of Allied Education Health Scs. Meerut. Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’14-2018.
4. Subharti College of Physiotherapy. Meerut. Approved: 2003-’05-’09-’13-’17-2022.
5. Trident College of Education & Health Scs. Meerut. Approved: 2006-’08.
6. SAI College of Medical Scs& Technology. Kanpur. Approved: 2006-’08-’11.
7. University Inst. of Health Sciences. C.S.J.MUniversity.Kanpur. Approved: 2007-’09-’12-2016.
8. Pacific College of Physiotherapy. Gorakhpur. Approved: 2008-2010.
9. Institute of Applied Medicine & Research. Gaziabad, Approved: 2003-’05-’09-2012.
10. I.T.S. Paramedical College. Gaziabad. Approved: 2008-’10-’13-2018.
11. Inst. of Applied Medicine & Research. Gaziabad. Approved: Approved: 2010-’12-2016.
12. Dept. of Physiotherapy, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. Approved: 2014-2017.
13.College of Physiotherapy, U.P.University of Med. Scs. Saifai, Etawah. Approved: 2016-’18.
14.Amity Inst. of Physiotherapy. Amity Campus.Noida. Approved: 2011-’16-2020.
15. Adhunik Inst. of Education & Research. Gaziabad. Approved: 2005-’07-’10-’14-2019.
16. Prakash Inst. of Physiotherapy & Rehab and Allied Health Scs. Noida.Approved: 2015-2018.
17. Santosh Paramedical / Allied Health Scs. Gaziabad.  Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’11-’14-2019.
Uttarakhand:-( Only Private Colleges):-
1. Doon (PG) College of Physiotherapy. Dehradun.Approved: 2004-‘06’-’10-2015.
2.Dolphin Inst. of Biomedical& Natural Scs. Dehradun. Approved: 2006-’08-’10-‘2015.
3. SAI ( PG) Inst. of Biomedical Health Scs. Dehradun.  Approved: 2006-’08-’10-’12-2016.
4. Combined (PG) Inst. of Medical Scs& research. Dehradun.Approved: 2008-’10-2014.
5. Uttaranchal College of Technology & Biomedical Scs. Dehradun.Approved: 2008-’10-’14-2018.
6. GRD College of Physiotherapy.Dehradun.Approved: 2008-’10.
7. Beehive College of Physiotherapy.Dehradun.Approved: 2008-’10-2013.
8. SBS Inst. of Biomedical Scs& Research, Dehradun. Approved: 2000-’02-’07-’11-2016.
9. Sri Guru Ram Rai Inst. of Medical & Health Scs. Dehradun. Approved:2008-2012.
West Bengal:-
1. College of Physiotherapy. Inst. of Loco-motor Challenges.Bonhoogly.Kolkata.
2. School of Physical Medicine. I.P.G.E.& R., A.J.C. Bose. Rd. Kolkata.
Private Colleges are:-
1.College of Physiotherapy, Vivekananda Inst. of Medical Scs. Kolkata. Approved:2008-2010.
2. Nopany Inst. of Health Care studies. Approved: 2010-2012.
3. Burdwan Inst. of Medical & Life Scs. Burdwan. Approved: 2007-2011.
4. Haldia Inst. of Health Scs. PurbaMedinipur. Approved: 2008-2010.5. Inst. of Paramedical Scs& Technology. Durgapur. Approved: 2009-’12-’16-2020.
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