DMRE - Diploma in Medical Radiology & Electrology (Part I and II)

DMRE - Duration of both MCI Diploma & CPS Diploma courses is 2 years, run in both government and private set up with the similar quality standards of the host institute. Clinical activity in both the courses is similar to emergency case handling, surgical exposure, clinical case discussion, case exposure, availability of equipment and diagnostic tool, patient load to be handled, duty hour, night duty, leave entitled including maternity leave and other facilities. Promoting specialty based medical practice.

To arrange Post Graduate Medical Training, Research & Advances in the Medical Profession. To consider the various governments, semi-government, certain tertiary care hospitals, other private medical colleges and private hospitals for the training of the students in their respective specialty. To strengthen the health care system in rural and peripheral areas by making specialists available where MD/MS/DM/MCh are not available.

Regarding the exit examination, in the MCI Diploma course, theory and practical examination are conducted in the host institute. In practical examination, both internal (high chance of bias in the evaluation process) and external examiners are present. Furthermore, passing theory examination is not an essential criterion of eligibility to appear in the practical examination. While the CPS Diploma exit examination is conducted by the Royal College of Physician & Surgeons.
Please Note: A degree course in each subject is for 3 years and a diploma for 2 years. No thesis is needed for a diploma course. However work, training and responsibilities, as well as classes, remain the same in a Degree & Diploma courses.

A degree course will have 4 theory papers and a diploma will have 3. Both will have practical and oral exams, for the degree the exam is at the end of 3 years of training and for a diploma at the end of 2 years. To know more about MEDICAL RADIOLOGY & ELECTROLOGY(PART I & II) –

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