How can we Help for M.B.B.S in Abroad.


MBBS in Abroad: Various countries around the world offer an MBBS course. So doing MBBS from any of these foreign countries is very easy. Also, it is very cheap in a few abroad universities compared to the fees of Indian universities. It is not important that you just take admission to any one of these foreign universities, most important is doing it from a good university.

Why we are helping for MBBS in Abroad.

Consequently, it has come to our notice that some Agents are providing misleading/false/fabricated information to the Indian Nationals who are desirous of taking admission in the MBBS course in a University/Institution located outside India. For example, the fee structure, recognition/approval of the particular medical University/Institution, duration of the course, etc.  

Due to this many students get into the trap of such agents & end up spoiling their career. To give you more facts about it, According to one of the reports published by Dainik Bhaskar in 2018. From the last 18 years a total of 7000 students from the city Raipur - Chattisgarh passed out their MBBS from foreign universities. Out of which only 275 students were able to clear FMGE* to get the license for practicing Medical in India.

These students got misguided with wrong information by various agents. Hence such students end up doing a job as Compounder or Medical Administrator in Hospitals. To read full report visit

*What is FMGE? Medical Council of India Screening Test, also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), is a licensure examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) in India. The test is one of the mandatory requirements for an Indian citizen who has a medical degree from a college outside India to practice medicine in the country.

Most importantly, while taking admission many students don’t check the below which resulted in poor FMGE* passing rate.

  • Know the grade of the university.
  • The experience of university in teaching MBBS.
  • Whether the university offers MCI Screening coaching or not?
  • What is the FMGE passing percentage of the university?

How we can help you with MBBS in Abroad.

Any student who is planning to pursue an MBBS degree from a university outside of India, the first thing they have to check is FMGE passing percentage of that university which they have shortlisted or suggested by any Agent. Hence to help you all, we are uploading an MCI published document, to check the countrywise FMGE passing percentage of all the universities around the world. The document contains the FMGE passing percentage data from 2015-2018, in an itemized format. It will tell you

  • Countrywise Universities name, whose students appeared for the FMGE exam.
  • Number of Students appeared.
  • Number of Students passed.

This document will help you to choose the right foreign college for MBBS & will prevent you to fall into the trap of Agents who misguide you with wrong information. Click here to download the document. Also, we have tied up with various top foreign universities around the world providing MBBS courses & qualify the above-mentioned points completely. You can contact us at 9967857212 to know more about this.

MBBS in Abroad

Introducing my friend Aftab Mohd.

As you all are aware my bandwidth is completely choked in doing counseling for India UG & PG courses. Hence I have requested my very close friend Mr. Aftab Mohd to help me in counseling the students who are interested in pursuing MBBS from Abroad. He is the one who has completely design & build this website with the data provided by me. You can contact him at 9967857212.

About Aftab Mohd.

MBBS in Abroad

A 38-year-old dynamic IT Professional and skilled Pre-sales Consultant with over 15+ years of experience in IT Software solution with diverse knowledge in analyzing, designing & consulting. Where experience majorly in Solution Architecting of Data-centers, Virtualization, Hybrid Cloud (IaaS, PaaS & SaaS), Container platforms (Dockers, OpenShift, Pivotal), Kubernetes, DevOps, Data Storage & Management solutions, Open Source technologies, Security, IT Automation, Digital Transformation. Currently working with an IT MNC, and has experience working with big IT brands like IBM, RedHat, Novell, NetApp, etc.

I know Aftab for more than 15 years & feel very proud to see the success he has achieved in such a short span of his professional career. To know about the Advantages, Disadvantages, etc, of doing MBBS in Abroad visit our page -


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