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Transferring process of students from One Medical college to another in Maharashtra.

Medical students transfer process: In Maharashtra state all the colleges who are affiliated under Maharashtra University of Health & Science, Nashik have the provision, that any medical student from their college can take transfer to another Medical College in the same course.

The transfer or the migration of the student from one Medical College to another Medical college/ institution / the concerned University, shall be permissible only if both the colleges and the institutions are recognized by the  Maharashtra University of Health & Science Nashik.

It is hereby made clear that the transfer shall be permitted subject to fulfillment of the conditions ensuring the category of the concerned colleges or the institutions, as shown under.

(A) Private college or institution  Private college or institution.
(B) Private aided college or institution either Private aided college or institution or Private college or institution. 
(C) Government  college or institution 1) Government college or institution or;
  2) Private aided college or institution or; 
  3)    Private college or institution;

Medical students Transfer process condition & category.

Please Note: Medical students transfer process facility is available only after passing the 1st-year exam of your UG course. After 2nd year till the course completion, you can not initiate a transfer request. Second transfer request you can initiate for doing the internship after completing your course.

FAQs related to the Medical students transfer process from One Medical college to another in Maharashtra.

Q: Which rules are being followed by the University for transfer of student(s) after passing 1st year professional Exam. (UG) of health?

Ans: Direction No : 02/2019-Norms governing the procedure of transfer of students after passing First Year of the professional course (U.G.) of the Health Sciences course, from one recognised college or the recognised institution to another recognised college or recognised institution, affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik; and Migration of students after passing the First Year of the professional course (U.G.) from other University to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences; or otherwise, except in respect of the medical faculty.

To know more Please see Direction No.02/2019, on this link https://www.muhs.ac.in/showpdf1.aspx?src1=hq27B5Bcy%2fozIT5Fv8%2fHfirtmEyDEfnpyiXpxS96K3TMCOcYJcYKIH8BEQhqcW%2b6bAmFcKv2yA2%2b%2fvYTHwQLnA%3d%3d

Q: When can I submit the Application Form of transfer?

Ans: Within thirty days from the date of declaration of the results of the first-year professional examination.

Q: Where do I get student transfer application form?

Ans: Application form is attached with Direction No. 02/2019. Please refer above link.

Q: How much fees I am required to pay?

Ans: Fee schedule is attached with the Direction No. 02/2019. Please refer
above link.

Q: Who is eligible for submission of transfer Form?

Ans: First-year clear passed out Student (No ATKT) is eligible to apply in a prescribed format along with the requisite documents and Fees.

Q: Can students submit application form after cut-off date due to genuine reason?

Ans: Normally No, however, based on genuine reason certified by the Dean/Principal of the concerned college, the Hon’ble Vice–Chancellor may take appropriate decision. The application received after the declaration of transfer list will not be entertained on what so ever grounds.

Q: If college is not issuing NOC then what should I do?

Ans: Please see Direction No. 02/2019 Rule No. 21 (refer link cited at point No. 1)

If the College is denying to issue NOC, the candidate can apply in writing to the University. After verifying it from the College the Vice-chancellor may take an appropriate decision.

Q: Is it mandatory to obtain a NOC from the respective central council/form parent University?

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory for Dental & Nursing Faculty and NOC of parent University in case the candidate from outside of MUHS.

Q: How much fee is applicablei) For getting NOC from College.ii) will college charge the whole course fee if first to second-year college transfer is granted by the University.

Ans: (i) & (ii) The issue of fees is not within the preview of the University, student can approach to College/Fees regulating authority for the same.

Fees Regulating Authority ( Shikshan Shulka Samiti ) (O) (022) 26476034, 26476037 (F) (022) 26476034[email protected]

Q: Can Medical reason is considered for transfer?

Ans: Yes, Medical certificate from the Civil Surgeon or Professor or Associate Professor in the concerned specialty, of the concerned college or institution, countersigned by the Civil Surgeon. However, this certificate shall be treated as a provisional certificate and it shall be referred to the Standing Medical Board, for its opinion.

Q: When can I join transferee college if I have been granted transfer?

Ans: On receipt of transfer order.

Q: Is it possible to change college after passing second year or in- between the course after attending second year?

Ans: No

Q: To whom I can contact for additional information/query regarding the Student Transfer process?

Ans :Please contact 0253 – 2539152 E-mail :- [email protected]

– By Muzaffar Khan

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