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  • Friday, 01 May 2020
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Tips and tricks to prepare for Neet UG amidst all this coronavirus issue.

As we all know that from 2020, there will be just one entrance test i.e. NEET-UG for all medical colleges in India, including AIIMS (All India Institutes of Medical Sciences) in various parts of the country and JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research) at Puducherry.

Please note there has been no changes made in the NEET question pattern & syllabus only instead of the AIIMS and JIPMER exam there will be a single exam that is NEET & the exam pattern will be the same.

It’s time to become a smart student, know the exam pattern, Core syllabus, subject wise weightage, and Marks distribution.

The paper of NEET-UG will have questions from class 11 as well as class 12 topics from subjects like Physics, Chemistry & Biology. You will have to excel in all these.

Let us first take a look at the marks distribution between class 11 and class 12 topics

class XI Number of questions 19
Total marks 76
class XII Number of questions 26
Total marks 104
class XI Number of questions 16
Total marks 64
Class XII Number of questions 29
Total marks 116
Class XI Number of questions 28
Total marks 112
Class XII Number of questions 22
Total marks 88
Class XI Number of questions 25
Total marks 100
Class XII Number of questions 15
Total marks 60
Class XI Number of questions 88
Total marks 352
Class XII Number of questions 92
Total marks 368
Total Number of questions 180 & Total marks 720

As it can be seen, the marks distribution is almost equal between the two classes. Hence, it is of utmost importance to study chapters taught in class 11 as well as class 12 properly.

NEET Exam & COVID-19.

This is a very tense time for you, NEET Exam is postponed due to COVID-19 & new date is announced the exam will be held on 26 July the new exam date will also subject to depends upon how quickly the situation normalizes .

Utilities this extra time & don’t be frustrated or nervous try to come over your weakness, now it’s time to focus on your weaker subject there are so many online classes of diff faculties available for you take help from them to overcome your weaker chapter, topics or subject

You are at a very important phase of your career, I advise you focus & study from the NCERT books & solved Objective from NCERT at your Fingertips & also participate & give more & more Mock Test, a good thing about mock exams is that you got to learn from it there is nothing to lose .after giving mock exam you must practice & overcome your mistake and solve & master your un attempt questions & wrong answers this exercise will help you to achieve your goal.

Remember consistency is important.

To download Core syllabus, click

- By Muzaffar Khan

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