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  • Friday, 10 April 2020
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On one hand where the Corona Pandemic is on its peak and has brought tremendous amount of financial and healthcare stress on almost all economies around the world, there are some optimistic thoughts floating about the current situation.

And I am here to talk about those lessons which we can learn from this crisis.

The globe right now is a more greener and cleaner place than it has ever been in the last 100 years. Ganga and Yamuna are having clear blue water and not the cloudy look due to the sewage froth.

For the first time in past 30 yrs , the Himalayan range which is almost 140 kms away can be seen from Jalandhar. The sky is so unfiltered that even in metro cities , every star can be given a count.

It seems like the co-existence of humans with wildlife is just close to the best it has ever been. Looks like mother earth has finally got some time and space to breathe.

Another interesting and proven fact is that the blooming of nature comes at a cost which is the downfall of the economies. In the past there have been such instances (for eg. fall of USSR, Oil crisis) where the economy was hit but the nature bloomed. It can be rightly derived that Economy is inversely proportional to Ecology.

A few more lessons learnt in past few days:

 • Money is abundant if we use it wisely.

 • Health and Family should be our major priorities.

 •  Healthcare definitely needs more budget annually.

 •  We and our kids can survive without junk food.

 • We can build hospitals within days.

 • We can spend Billions of Rs on poor without red tape.

 •  We can survive vacations without trips to Europe and USA.

 • Wealthy or poor , politician or farmer, a corporate bigshot or even a labourer , the biggest fear for all is the same : Death (now can be related to corona crisis)

 • Developed nations are as vulnerable as any poor nation. May be more.

 • Our family is our strongest support system.

 • Rich and Elite are not necessarily powerful than the poor.

 •  Buying every new designer stuff is not important.

 • Wives and Mothers can live without maids.

We often give ourselves less time than what we should be giving and keep postponing our hobbies/pursuing our interests due to the hectic and all-day buzzed life. So just sit back for a while and ENJOY the life !!!!

(As a healthcare professional, I am writing this article with all due respect towards the Doctors, Nurses, Staff, Police who are working 24×7 for the sake of Humanity and who cannot sitback and relax in this Corona pandemic situation.)



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