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  • Sunday, 12 April 2020
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Tips To Overcome NEET-PG Blues.

NEET PG is probably the most significant exam of our professional lives as doctors.

You, my reader, could belong to any part of the NEET PG aspirant spectrum- fresher, repeater, average, topper, clueless, well planned, and more. One thing all of us will face is the mental stress that comes with preparing relentlessly for so long for D-day. So know that, whatever you are feeling, you are not alone.

There’s abundant academic information available through various platforms, so I won’t elaborate on that.

Instead, I’d like to share the non-academic advice that helped me deal with this mammoth academic task.

✓ Be honest with yourself

You know how much time and efforts you need to put to get your dream branch. Make your plan and study material accordingly. Don’t be over ambitious or lax out. Be inspired by toppers’, but don’t blindly follow their plan of action. Dream big and work sincerely.

✓ Anticipate

Once your plan is in action, then it’s a  rollercoaster ride- with ups and downs.

Some days you are going to be satisfied and some days are going to be painfully disappointing. But that’s okay!  It bound to happen to every aspirant. Anticipating that such bad days can happen and not being overwhelmed by the negative feeling is what helps. Remember the Marines motto- Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

✓ Recognize Paralytic Ileus (Mind)

Prep year is a marathon and not a sprint. It’s mentioned in SRB’s Manual for Surgery for Paralytic Ileus- “don’t flog the tired horse”. So treat conservatively by resting, both the ileus and your mind. Don’t hesitate to take short controlled breaks when required.

✓ Healthy Surrounding

Recognize those peers, seniors and family members talking to whom you feel motivated & grounded.

Avoid indulging in things that don’t aid your preparation. To be able to prioritize working towards your goal doesn’t make you mean or selfish.

✓ Keep Reading

My senior used to say, “Put your head down & keep reading. That’s the only thing under your control.”

As simple as that. Consciously stop yourself from wondering about the “what ifs” that you have no control over.

✓ Cheerleader

A gentle reminder to give yourself credit for your hardwork, especially in times of some bad test result, or not being able to recollect something you read. Like it’s mentioned in Psychiatry- Positive reinforcement is just as important.

These are simple little things but can make a big difference in this crucial journey.

In conclusion, the aim is to be best prepared on the day of the exam, not necessarily before (GTs, CBTs etc) and definitely not after (procrastinate).

This exam will test both your knowledge and your resilience,  so remember to take care of your body and mind as well.

Like my father says – The battle isn’t over till you stop fighting.

 Be fierce. Be patient. Have faith. #overcome

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