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Compiling things that came I had followed during my preparation of NEET PG. I used to watch toppers/teachers videos for ideas and motivation because with hardwork it’s really important to stay positive and keep faith in your preparation.

1. To start with any preparation you need a plan, atleast a rough plan. Get an idea from your videos or notes that how much time will your first revision take. Atleast try to do a minimum of 3 revisions, even if not possible try to judge your performance with the mock tests you give.

2. 19 subjects Notes is a must have for preparation, they are going to be your prime source for reading and revising.

3. Finish first reading/revision atleast by 30 September. Earlier the better,  I finished it by 20 June, but with an internship, it is always difficult to finish the course early.

4. Keep revising in the evening 1 hour what you read in the whole day, everyday.

5. There are two ways to revise, revise daily in the evening then again the next day for a shorter time in the evening than at the end of the week then again at the end of the month. (best strategy for 1st revision with internship)

6. Or you can revise everyday in the evening, and read fast and revise again all 19 subjects together.

7. I was okay with the second method but you can do according to whatever suits you.

8. Keep finding ways to motivate yourself, by videos, talking to positive people, your family.

9. Most important is to have a discipline when you are preparing, I used to time my preparation. Pause your timer when you do your time pass, or take water/washroom break, or go in a dream zone. Timer helps you to understand how much time a topic or a subject takes, and you can time yourself better. You can count your exact hours of studying. It was very helpful for me, but you can always find your own way to keep discipline.

10. Now I will come to GT’s. The most important part of the plan. Start by giving atleast 1 GT to get an idea of how this whole paper is going to be, how you should be preparing. And give a minimum 1 GT a month atleast till October end or till you finish 1st revision.

11. After that give GTs twice a week and then every week in December until your exams.

12. I am the person who really follows all the rules, So I have given every single GT on the monitor using a mouse between 3.30 pm to 7.00 pm on Sundays. Just to train my mind and body accordingly.

13. Giving GT is of no use if you are not reviewing it, without reviewing it you won’t learn your mistakes, you won’t understand how you can improve it, you won’t understand what is not there in your notes, reviewing is as important as giving GTs.

14. GTs can be motivating or disappointing but without thinking about the final result you have to keep giving them and improving your mistakes.

15. There might be chances where you will feel that your marks are not increasing and nothing is happening, then take a deep breath and find out your problems and resolve it. Always keep faith in your preparation. GTs do not predict your final results but they give you an idea of how you deal with your exams.

16. I am repeating again to give GTs seriously, so you can deal with stress, or sleepiness, or if you feel hungry during exam time, or if you need bathroom break.

17. I had started my preparation from 1st march last year, and it took me 15 days to read my old notes of pharmacology. So initially preparation can be slow, but you have to keep doing it, and increase your pace.

18. I had given May AIIMS it was on 5th, I had finished 7 subjects before the exam from 1st march so atleast I can answer few questions with confidence.

19. You have to keep goals of time, dates, days to finish your subject.

20. Medicine is very vast, you cannot go deep into topics, bcoz you don’t have time, you cannot take out course books and start reading them for deeper knowledge. You will have to limit your knowledge till your notes. You had 5 years to gain deep knowledge, right now focus on what is asked and what is in your notes, understand and learn your notes better.

21. Don’t go for too many sources, after 1st reading you should have 19 notebooks of 19 subject and one 20th notebook that I will talk about later. And this should be enough.

22. Revision and solving Q banks is the only way to score better in your GTs.

23. Now I will come to Q bank, there are around 700+ modules in the marrow, but that doesn’t mean you have to solve all, you are supposed to solve as needed.

24. Start solving by one q bank a day as you finish topics, so you can get an idea of how you are supposed to approach a particular topic.

25. Q banks are also helpful when you can’t understand a topic from your notes/videos/lectures solving questions helps you to approach topics better.

26. Study smart, study everyday for an hour minimum, get the habit of studying, you cannot keep on delaying. Because people have already started with their preparation. But yes do take breaks in between, because it’s always important to recharge yourselves.

27. If you have got tables of HLA, tumor markers, interleukins etc, it’s well and good. I had taken out all the tables from MCQ books that I had and had done 1 table a day. I had made my shorter tables that are helpful later for revision. There are like the cheat notes for the exam, they comprise a lot of information in a single page, keep making them as you read.

28. Now, 20th Notebook is a concept by many teachers, it comprises of the new information that you get while reviewing GTs or Q banks for all the subjects.

29. Revision is the key to success because there is a lot to read and no one can remember everything after just one reading, so you have to push yourself read fast, so you revise again.

30. There are going to be some unavoidable personal commitments like I had a wedding in my family in early December, which almost took away 15 days of my crucial time.

We all are going to have some or the other kind of, it’s always better to be prepared for it.

31. 1 month before the exam starts doing a minimum of 1 subject a day, if you are not able to complete the subjects read atleast 75- 80% always start by reading the most frequently asked.

I had a shorter time in December, I couldn’t complete the subjects but tried to read as much as possible.

Also give as much as GTs possible in the last month, it improves your performance, practice makes a Man Perfect. Woman as well 😉

32. A day before the exam, I had just read the flashcards, tables, 20th notebook and the papers I had pasted on walls, and tried to maintain my calm.

33. On the exam day, sleep better, eat light food, drink normally about, and try not to discuss or talk to people, it just confuses our mind and it’s hard to maintain the composure.

Practice this since the time you start giving your GTs, so you will know what to do or what not to do before and during the exam.

Always stay in the present while preparing, don’t let the uncertainty of the future to bother you, keep working so there are no guilts.

34. I had taken a vacation break of 2 weeks after 1st reading because I needed it, I used to watch a movie on Saturday night to recharge myself and I had to prepare for the wedding in my house. So these were the breaks I took.

I would advise to take breaks, because they are needed to recharge ourselves to perform better, but don’t overdo, don’t lose the track of your preparation.

In the end, keep reading, keep learning. Follow what suits your preparation the best. All the best.


Written By – Arushi Singha

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