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  • Monday, 11 May 2020
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Should I become a Doctor?

The most Nobel profession in the world is to become a Doctor. There is no doubt about that. Hence when you ask any kid, what they want to become in the future, most of them choose Doctor as their first choice followed by Engineer, Pilot, Lawyer, etc.

But in this current pandemic of Covid-19, which has put the Medical professional as the frontline fighter with this coronavirus. Few Parents & kids are having double thought to become a Doctor. I met one such kid a few days back, who is preparing for NEET-UG but was confused about whether to give it or not.

Then one day suddenly she witnesses one incident & post that his desire to be a Doctor becomes rock solid.

Below mentioned is the story that she narrated to me about that life-changing moment. 

Written by – Aftab Mohd. –
MCA, MBA & an IT Professional.

Let’s begin the Story.

It was a sunny morning, the clock was displaying 9:30 am, I was busy watching Ramayan on Doordarshan. It‘s because of all the hype created by my father & the record-breaking TRP that Ramayan was enjoying.


This was the first time I was watching Doordarshan. I still can’t believe my parents spend their entire childhood watching the only channel i.e. Doordarshan. To my surprise, they don’t even complain & still feel that it’s better than current 10K channels. I never thought I will say this but I kind of agree with my father post seeing the quality content of Ramayan.

Oops, I lose the track, so I was saying I was busy watching Ramayan, suddenly I heard the siren of Ambulance near my building. I went to the window & saw a police van, surrounded by 8-10 Police guys. An ambulance standing below our building & few of our prominent society members talking with the police guys.

It was not hard to understand that some medical emergency has happened. Till that time my father joined me too on the window & he called one of the uncle standing down with the police to find the matter.

I was getting anxious by seeing the expression on my father’s face, while he was talking on the phone. He disconnected the phone. I quickly asked, “What happened Papa?”. He was still in the shock stage, I asked again. He first sat on a chair & said, “Nahid Sayed (Named changed) tested positive for Covid-19”. I was like what!!!

Introducing Nahid Sayed.

Let me introduce you to Nahid, A 25 years old young & passionate girl, holding MBBS & MD Radiodiagnosis degree, working in one of the top hospital of Mumbai. Always a rank holder in her academic career. Also, a reason for multiple scolding by my parents, while comparing me to her. All those kids can relate to me, who has any scholar students staying in their building. Nahid was staying on the 2nd floor of the same building of mine, in which I was on the top floor i.e 5th floor.

I again came back to the window to see the proceeding, I saw Nahid boarding the ambulance & went away. And Police completely sealed our building.

I was listening to her story very patiently, & I asked, “what happened next?”. She continued.

The entire building people started consoling Nahid parents & giving strength to them. All were asking how this happened & all? Her parents told, she came into contact with a Covid-19 positive patient while testing him in the hospital.

Turning point.

I also came to know from other members of the building that she was continuously serving & treating the patients. Inspite of having the option to come back home every day post her shift get over. She has volunteered to come home once in 3 days, so that she can do as much treatment as possible. As she was saying the kind of panic the patients have when they come to the hospital. A single minute delay to test them is like an hour for them.

That day I realize, How happy & satisfied a Doctor feels when he or she spends time curing their patients! Sometimes we also comment on Doctors, who open their clinic early in the morning & kept it open till late in the night. We say that they are greedy for money so much that they don’t give much time to their family. But the real reason is their Nobel profession of hospitality. This is also one of the reasons a Doctor prefer to marry a Doctor, as a Doctor can better understand each other situations

My doubt for becoming a Doctor started fading away.

Quarantine period.

In the next 14 days of her Quarantine period, the entire society was praying for her. The kind of respect her parents were getting, from all the society members was like mindblowing. Though Nahid’s father is a well-known name in our society. But from that day, they are known as “Nahid ke Papa” & “Nahid ki Mummy”. What a proud moment for Nahid’s parents it was? It was like a dream of every child, for his or her parents.

That feeling is similar when any parents Son, who is fighting a war on the border wearing a uniform of Army, Navy or Airforce. But here the kicking part was, a daughter has brought that feeling for her parents.


Every one prayer worked, after a few days, we got the news that our fighter has won the battle against the coronavirus & completely fine & healthy. The entire society was full of joy, all started planning for her grand welcome.

On the day of her arrival, everyone was on their window & balcony, with the plate full of flower petals. The moment she entered the society compound, the voice decimal hit the roof with all the noise of claps & whistles. The shower of flowers on her made the moment more rememberable. But the best part was a bright Star like sparkles of happiness reflecting in her eyes. She was the star of that moment. In Bollywood language Superster & MegaStar.

The very moment I looked at my father & said, “It’s decided, whatever happens or how much hard I have to study to clear for NEET-UG, I have to become a Doctor.” He hugged me proudly and said, “Nice decision, I am with you for all the support you need”.

Suddenly everything in front of me was looking blurry to me, I realized that it’s because of the tears that filled my eyes, while hearing such a motivational story. I too got pumped up & wanted to become a Doctor. The very next moment, I realized that I am 37 years old & already have an IT career. I wiped my tears & I too praises her for her decision to become a Doctor & then get up to go back to my home, which is next door to her house. While I was standing to go, she said something, which is the most motivational line I have ever heard in my lifetime.

Super Heroes.

“You know uncle, every kid during his childhood days wants to become a fictional Super-Hero like IronMan, SpiderMan, Captain Marvel etc, so that one day he or she can save the world like Avengers. But in reality, the real Super-Hero are Doctors, who have saved the world from Pandemic like Cholera, Plague & now Covid-19. I am glad I have decided to become one such Super-Hero”.

I feel this above story will give lots of Motivation to all the students who aspire to become a Doctor in the future.

Also, a big salute and a big thank you to our Heroes like Doctors, the Medical Staff, the Police and any front line workers that are working tirelessly at battling this pandemic. Let’s support them by staying indoors & being self quarantined because that’s the only way we can stop the virus from spreading. So #StayHome #StaySafe.

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