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  • Saturday, 11 April 2020
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PG Preparation Attempts! Career Stress or Gateway to Dreams?

Having come across 3 years of PG Preparation, had got a good rank twice, I am in mind to share something.

 Questions and Opinions.

Q – Do I need to give another attempt even if I got a decent rank?

O – It’s always a battle between Satisfaction and Desires. Desire makes your choices & Satisfaction make your Decisions. If you really want to get what you desire, there is nothing like time constraints or the number of attempts.

Q – Will I be surely getting a Good rank in the next Attempt?

O – A positive attitude always makes its way even in the toughest of time. Leaving behind the dark past and heading to the rising sun always make a Glorious morning.

Q – Isn’t it a wastage of years for just a PG seat?

O – So first of all its matter of life and not merely a PG seat. If you get what you want from within, your inner desire, Its always and always the good utilization of time and resources & never a wastage.

 Personal Tips to keep yourself Positive

– One-stop solution to keep hold in preparation – Start early & Revise as much as you can.

– Apart from study, keep motivating yourself with positive sources like Parents, friends, inspiring videos on YouTube and whatever your personal inspirations are.

– Avoid negative thoughts, and negative people around.

–  Exercise at least 30 minutes & keep hydrated all day.

– Have gratitude to almighty for what he has given you in life.

#Be Confident

#Be Positive

#Stay home

#Stay safe

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