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  • Friday, 09 April 2021
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MBBS a noble profession: My life-changing moment.

MBBS is a very noble profession. It is a profession which directly related to life. MBBS doctors need to put their life to save other’s life. It is a profession which belongs to those who wish to keep there time with books, achieving knowledge and practicing medicine.

Every profession has its benefits & risk, so does the MBBS profession.  But when you save someone’s life, the feeling of that moment & the look full of thanks on the patient face, give a spark to your life. Hence this risk started looking too small.

Getting Admission and passing MBBS is not enough. Actually the real journey starts at the start of the internship. The journey of Doctors is too long, with many ups and downs. Something it feels unbearable to handle, but don’t you think this is what life is!!!. Persistence, updated knowledge, respect from your patient & society, sheer hardwork, faith in yourself, will all help you to clear the path to become a good Doctor.

My 1st day of Internship.

On day 1 of my internship, I was posted in ICU. As it was my 1st day I don’t have any experience at all. It was around 3 am, just a few minutes before my senior went for a tea break, suddenly a 28 yr old male patient who was on ventilation had Cardiac-arrest with HR 0, spO2 20.

I started CPR and my assisting nurse pushed adrenaline, after continuous 6-10 min CPR, he took a breath. For that 5 min everything stops for me, even I felt I was not breathing too. I realize my breath for 1st time in life post my patient took the breath. That day I came to know my value or I should say a Doctor value.Everyone knows a journey of Doctor’s is tough, but it will give u life long experiences which always boost and satisfy you. Always have a target where u need to give your max potential and strength. One day you will feel proud of yourself for sure.

Written By Dr Revati Jolhe. Degree: MBBS Doctor

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