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How to choose a PG coaching institute/faculty for PG preparation?

As Neet PG/NEXT becomes more n more competitive, understanding based and clinical oriented, so many options of medical PG institute for coaching are available in the market.

The biggest question is how to choose the Medical PG Institute / faculties / coaching for preparation of NEET PG exam??

Here’s the answer!

Don’t go for the big name, brands of Medical PG institute / platform with the flow of friends, seniors or colleagues.


Every platform will give u similar content i.e. 70% content required for the exam, rest 20% you have to collect from using guidebook/question bank.

Here is the trap!

The amount of days you invest in coaching is inversely proportional to your extra time put into that subject.

Eg. Few coaching institutes teach medicine in 6-8 days. Few like TMCAA (coaching in Thrissur)/Marrow online platform teach you in 15-17 days.  Prepladder teaches you in 12 days.

Written by Vedant Sanjay Laddha. MBBS Doctor.

You may feel that why to invest so much time in medicine?

The answer is by reading medicine notes alone you can mark more than 60 questions in Neet exam like 2020.

I personally felt the difference. In 2019, I used to skip metabolic acidosis or ECG or rheumatic questions.

Now after taking the class of 20 days, I made all medicine questions correct in paper. (though I got setback by SPM, Anat questions & time management in actual NEET but performed better in centrals).

Basic is how much you understand the subject. Understanding requires time while content writing can be finished early. Once you improve ur understanding ur accuracy and precision dramatically improve.

So choose that faculty whose teaching is understanding based not mugging up type. Choose only those coaching platform in which you can get 70-90% faculties are good, clinical oriented, aware of changing exam pattern and are updated.

Watch videos on YouTube of that particular faculty and decide whose method will suitable for you. Stuck up with one source.

Add flavor with the Marrow Question bank.

Most accurate, vast but useful and make u aware of competition with AI and data. Or if economically affordable you can do subject wise classes also.

Also, remember that adequate days invested in coaching makes your notes strong.

How to check the adequacy of your notes??

Read notes once after 2 days finished notes solve one paper of that subject on Marrow/Prepladder

If u score >50% correct answer then your notes and understanding are good.

If less than that you have to improve in either or both. So I am putting my and many of my friend’s choice faculties with whom we found comfortable and useful for the PG entrance exam.

Our criteria

– Method of teaching.

– The classroom notes quality.

– Way of answering the queries.

– Quality of question bank maintained by them.

– Attitude towards students and the profession.

(We exclude ignorant faculties though they are good in teaching but way of responding students problem/queries also to be considered).

P.S. -No advertising for any institution or faculty.

1.Anatomy — (4-5 days class)
Dr.Ashwini Kumar, if ur weak in Anatomy or
Dr.Raviraj stalin
Dr.Rajesh Kaushal –if Anatomy is ur strength

2.Physiology — (3 days class)
Dr.Krishna Kumar
Dr.Saumen Manna
Both are excellent at their level

3.Biochemistry — (4 days class)
Dr.Rebecca james
Whole and sole irreplaceable option, She is that much good.

Dr.Devesh Mishra ( Legendary, 4-5 days class)
Dr.Ila Jain Marrow
Dr.Vandana Puri also nice

5.Pharmacology — (5 days class must)
Dr.Ranjan Patel
Dr.Gobind Rai Garg
You can go with anyone.

6.Microbiology — (3 days class)
DR.Sonu Panwar
Dr.Apurba Shastri
Dr.Vasanth priyan(DMPA/TM

7.FM — 2 days class
Dr.Manjunath prime faculty
Dr.Yetiraj TMCAA faculty
Marrow and Prepladder faculty are also nice.

8.SPM — 4-5 days class
Dr.Vivek Jain
Dt.Mukhmohit singh
Dr.Murugan (Adr plexus faculty)

9.Eye — Not short subject to study — 3 days class must
Dr.Utsav Bansal
Dr.Sudha Seetaraman
Dr.Shashwat ray

10.ENT — 3 days class
Dr.Manisha bhuddhiraja Marrow
Dr.Saravjeet singh
DAMS faculty

Dr.Rakesh Nair( Best for beginners and people with medicine phobia. Too lengthy but worth for penny)
17 days class in TMCAA.
Dr.Deepak Marwah __consised class n notes for advance preparation
Dr.Dilip Kumar (DMPA) also good teacher
Other 2 are 8-10 days class

12.Surgery — (5-7 days class)
Dr.ROHAN khandelwal
Dr. Pritsh Sing
Dr.Jainendra Arora
All 4 are legendary you have so much freedom to choose anyone.
TMCAA faculties are also good for surgery.

13.ObGyn — (5 days class)
Dr.Sakshi Arora
Dr.Vidhya(TMcaa faculties)
Above 2 teaching and notes are awesome.
Dr.Punit Bhojani can be tried if u want super concise notes.

14.Pediatrics (3 days class must).
Dr.Sarath Balaji (legendary 4.5 day class in TMCAA)
Also in Adr plexus

15.Skin (2 days class)
Dr.Saurabh jindal
Dr.malcom pinto
Dr.Manish soni
All 3 are nice..no flaws in our opinion.

16.Psychiatry — (2days class)
For Neet level
Dr.Pravin Tripathi

For Neet +Central level
Dr.Sunil Mohan marrow
Dr.Sachin Arora

17.Anaesthesia(2days class)
Dr.Swathi prepladder/bhatia
-Marrow faculty is also nice

18.Radio — (3 days class must)
Dr.Mayur kulkarni
Dr.Rajat Jain
All 3are extraordinary choose what u want

19.Ortho (2 days class)
Dr.Abbas ali (far far better than others)
Dr.Aprurv Mehra.

So guys, Hope the above information will be helpful for you.
• Choose faculties wisely, Marrow question bank must.
• Stuck up with one source till the end unless you are not comfortable.
• No exam is greater than a human being.
• Never give up.

All the best!
Dr.Vedanth Laddha
GMC Miraj
(Successful Escaper from of PG entrance exam).

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