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  • Sunday, 30 May 2021
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Cracking Your Medical Entrance Exam.

          Cracking Your Medical Entrance Exam: A very good attitude is a must to crack your medical entrance. To get the desired score in neet ug, the aspirants need to follow absolute strategy.

It won’t be a tedious task if you are consistent with your studies. The students must make sure that they come up with maximum output every single day.

I remember one of my teacher Dr.Mukesh Dadu Sir, he asked us to say aloud “Roz ka kaam roz”. This slogan was said quotidian in his class. If the pupils are regular, nothing can stop them from being selected in a government medical college of their choice. And definitely one should take a break at proper intervals. It will boost your energy. Never bother about the results, just focus on your work. Stay confident and devoted to your goals.

If you are a dropper stay motivated all time. This time it was my fourth attempt, and I scored 548/720. I am admitted to JIIU’S IIMSR, JALNA. It’s a private medical college. Never feel low, no matter what others are discussing. Have an ultimate belief in yourself.

Now talking about the syllabus, every subject has a different approach, do remember that. Practice many multiple-choice questions (MCQ’s). Revision before exams is the point, which will decide your selection. Throughout the year make sure all the concepts enter your permanent memory.

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Your teachers will elaborate NCERT so that you can solve the questions in one go. Remember all the data mentioned in NCERT, never skip anything from that godfather book.

For inorganic chemistry, NCERT is very important. Make notes and understand the concept, all the trends given thereby. You should memorize all the exceptions.
Inorganic chemistry again NCERT is essential. Understand the mechanisms and learn all those named reactions.
Physical Chemistry is all numerical-based. Retain all the formulas and the significant facts. Do practice several numerical.

Practice various MCQ’S, it’s the only solution to gain confidence and give your best shot in physics.No need to fear,keep solving and you would love physics.

For all three subjects:
You should stick to one standard book for every subject and solve it completely. Do solve previous year’s questions of neet ug and jee mains. For more practice, you can go for various question papers of test series, from various institutes like Allen or any of your choice. You will gain confidence and exposure to new questions will develop your approach.

I hope the above-shared experience will be helpful to you all in Cracking your Medical Entrance Exam. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors. Give your 💯 percent and you will achieve your dreams inshallah.

Written by Asma Ahad Shaikh
First year MBBS student at JIIU’s IIMSR, JALNA.

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