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  • Saturday, 07 August 2021
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Corona is giving you a gift.

Written by: Devesh Mohan. 
Director Sales | Leadership Coaching | Health Enthusiast 

The headline may alarm you, but being incessantly positive is the demand of time, and that made me to think of what gift Corona is giving to all of us.

We all should continue to take correct preventive measures, develop good hygiene habits, avoid public gatherings to remain Corona free, but it’s extremely important for us to avoid constant panic and fear, which is getting created due to easy access of overload of information available at a click of button

So, what gifts corona is giving to us really!! For people like me, who work in corporate sector, there is already an advisory to work from home (WFH) and avoid face to face meetings and official travels. Work from home may be new to many, but not for me, as I am pretty exposed to it since last many years due to nature of my job. WfH means, that you are surely saving 2-3 hours on a daily basis, which otherwise would have gone in commuting to office or for having face-face meetings with clients etc. These 2-3 hours is something which we can reclaim from life and this is the gift of time, which Corona has given to us.

Based on my experience, I am penning down how we can utilize this gift of time to remain healthy, fun-fulling positive and busy: ·       

Gift time to your health – Definitely a good health is one of top most priority for all of us. Dedicate some time in a day to it. You may want to cycle, run, do yoga or whatever is best for you. Many of these are contact less activities, which you can do either in small group or alone.

Gift time to your family – Many a times we feel guilty to ourselves as we don’t spend too much quality time with Parents, children and spouse. Luckily with all schools, malls etc closed, this is great chance to do some activities at home. Do cooking, baking, play indoor games etc with your near-dear ones, which de-stress yourself and allows to spend quality time with your family.

Gift time to learning – Dedicate some time of yours to learn something new, which you could not due to time pressure. There are so many online courses available, which you may want to look upon, through which you can up-skill yourself. ·       

Gift time to Yourself – Last but not the least, spend some time to self- reflect on your mental wellbeing. Observe and analyze yourself in order to grow as a person. By understanding who you are now and who you’d like to become, you help identify the steps you need to take on that journey.

I have been trying to adopt some of these learning on myself, like I have started running and doing yoga on alternate days. I am not a great cook, but at least try to cut and eat bowl full of fruits and salads which are anyways recommended to eat as much as possible to develop stronger immunities.

I have enrolled myself in OpenSap online course and going through them on daily basis. And I have yet to “gift time to yourself” which I will soon start doing. This is how I am reclaiming my 2-3 hours which I have. Would you like to re-claim this Gift of time which Corona has given to all of us?

Most people believe that habits are formed by completing a task for 21 days in a row (though, it’s also considered as myth) Due to Corona outbreak, we are surely getting 21 days and may be more, which we should invest on some of the above suggestions, which eventually remains with us lifelong.

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