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  • Thursday, 21 May 2020
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 Confronting Uncertainty!

Sitting in my Favourite corner at my home having cuppa and writing this article, being a woman, though I believe in Feminism, I wonder how privileged I am enjoying the whole concept of “Work-from-home” and “Stay Home” “this pandemic COVID situation, spending time with your husband who use to be busy traveling from one city to another, one country to others and so on. And today he is helping me in all household chores and spending time in every possible way he can along with his busy schedule working from home.

         Coming to my 7-year-old boy it is more difficult yet trying to manage, tremendously missing his playtime with his friends, no school, and no source to be outdoor, feeling trapped inside his own house. Strictly adhering to government protocols that below 10 years are prohibited, this is quite overwhelming for kids, they are subdued yet mannered and they understand.

Having No clue when this is going to end, but still, we are Privileged, every one of us in the entire world right now staying home and with their families together and safe from this deadly situation is wealthy. Whoever is reading this article, don’t you feel that you are lucky enough to have time to read this? That you are able to spend quality time with your family? Some of them might be pursuing their hobbies; some are still able to continue earning even by sitting on their comfortable couch.

But have you thought about how are we able to attain all this?

It is revealed that this is happening exactly after 100 years of “Spanish Influenza”.

Predicaments are the same as it was 100 years ago and this is turning to be the darkest hours for all the frontline workers. Though there had been several outbreaks including Nipah in the year 2018 in Kerala and was bravely tackled with, but this COVID -19 is something never experienced before.

         Doctors, Nurses and especially in the medical fields are confronting the uncertainties of this deadly Virus, they are working 24/7, they will never back off with their responsibilities because they had pledged, they are under oath.

            This is what they do “Saving others Life putting their own at stake”. I can read and feel them, their thoughts, what they might be going through. Spending quality time with their own family is a dream today, what they can do right now to be close to their loved ones is a digital Face time. 

       Parents are terrified thinking about their son/daughter who is busy treating and are surrounded by these COVID positive Patients. Every day they are going through hell, with lots of emotions, pain, Anxiety making sure all of these do not hinder their duties. A duty that is to save lives.

       Let me tell you about the place where I come from, Kerala is a state with the maximum number of nurses and you can find them in all the hospitals all over the world. I have few in my Family too, every alternate family in Kerala have 1 or 2 nurses, and I totally understand what they are going through today, they do not visit their families since they have fear of keeping them safe, they even have negative thoughts saying whether how society will react or treat them after working and being with all COVID patients day and night.

      But what they are not aware is The respect we are carrying inside us for them, we admire and they are everyone’s inspiration.

Tomorrow when everything is over and they are getting ready to be back to their families they will see the crowd standing through the miles to welcome them and to say we are Proud of you.

              We are also grateful to the entire medical fraternity to set an example for all the newbies who are getting themselves prepared to step into the world of Medicine.    

               This is dedicated to all the Frontline workers, we say that “You are our Pride today, tomorrow and forever”.

And finally for all the people like me treat yourself privileged; by staying home we are trying to save ourself as well as others in one way. Home is the only safest place on earth, it has been always. Isn’t it? This is Karma, where “humans are caged and Animals are freed”#STAYHOME #STAYSAFE


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